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Raleigh Stump Grinding


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Raleigh Stump Grinding

At Raleigh Tree Service we have the equipment and manpower to remove your stumps using the best form of tree stump removal, stump grinding.
We use self-propelled industrial stump grinders, which allow us to grind quickly, Click Her For More Couponseffectively and conveniently. Our machines have carbide-tipped teeth that demolish any size stump. They are built to fit through tiny 36-inch gates and even climb stairs. Stump access and removal are rarely a problem!

Raleigh Tree Service offers two stump grinding options—Economy Stump Grinding and Premium Stump Grinding.

With Economy Stump Grinding your tree stump is demolished (turned into wood chips), and all the wood chips remain where they fall. Our Premium Stump Grinding goes several steps farther—not only is the stump demolished, it is erased! The stump’s wood chips are removed from your property and the stump hole is backfilled with enriched landscape soil and then graded. This provides an ideal surface for planting turf grass or landscape ornamentals.


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